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Kelly Cresap, Ph.D. — speaker, coach, storyteller, humorist

On Musing and Laughter
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Voice Embodied:
Maximize Your Speaking Potential
Did you ever wish to increase your audience impact?
Ever wish to claim a more fully embodied speaking style?
Ever wish your presentations were less data-driven and more captivating?
Ever want to use your voice to inspire and empower others?

My Voice Embodied training is designed to empower you.
  • Explore and enhance your individual speaking style
  • Improve your vocal technique and audience rapport
  • Create balance through a dynamic four-archetype model
  • Boost your storytelling ability and your humor quotient
  • Receive personalized coaching and feedback
Individual coaching and group seminars available.

"Thanks again for the excellent course! Your insights are extremely relevant, easily understood and compelling because I think they are universally true."
—Bart Drinkard

"I've long admired Kelly's ease and compelling use of story in engaging audiences. His work with me helped clarify both my strengths and my areas for improvement. I'd recommend him over Toastmasters any day."
—Ann Bracken, The Possibility Project

Kelly M. Cresap, Ph.D.
• Faculty, 2007 National Speakers Association University
• Former NPR Commentator

Kelly Cresap, Ph.D.

Kelly says, "Musing and laughter are good for the soul."