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Kelly Cresap, Ph.D. — author, speaker, coach, storyteller, humorist

On Musing and Laughter
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On Musing and Laughter
A muse is a source of inspiration, a guiding presence in a creative endeavor. The need for muses is by no means limited to artists and writers, but extends to all humans and all walks of life.

Many people assume that muses are elevated and solemn, like a maiden in a castle, or a wreathed figure strumming a lyre. Perhaps such muses are not so much elevated as inflated — that is, romanticized all out of proportion. Being too reverential about one's muse can lead to absurd extremes, as is seen in Don Quixote and his idealized notions of Dulcinea.

I'm convinced that muses may also be mischievous and comic, like Curious George, or a character in Dr. Seuss. Some muses laugh; others may need to be laughed at.

I believe muse laughter is a divine healing force, available to anyone with a discerning ear and a sense of humor.

I assist clients in looking at troubles and tensions as possible sources of healing laughter. By focusing energy on a problem and exaggerating its hold upon you, you may find that it contains the seeds of its own comic transformation. In the process you may discover surprising reserves of self-humor and lightness of spirit.
Kelly Cresap, Ph.D.

Kelly says, "Musing and laughter are good for the soul."