The Laughing Muse
Increase Your Net Mirth!

Kelly Cresap, Ph.D. — speaker, coach, storyteller, humorist

On Musing and Laughter
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Increase Your Net Mirth:
An Experiential Workshop about Laughing Matters

Use your funny bone as a flotation device in this seriously lighthearted session about stress reduction and personal empowerment:

• Turn a mental rut into a trampoline
• Learn how to connect levity and levitation
• Discover your customized "laughing muse" and a thousand ways to use it

You will also acquire tools for responding to negative and harmful forms of humor, and for shifting a climate where sarcasm has taken hold. This interactive session includes brainstorming, storytelling, journaling, and assorted other clowning achievements.

Kelly Cresap, Ph.D.

Kelly says, "Musing and laughter are good for the soul."