The Laughing Muse
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Kelly Cresap, Ph.D. — speaker, coach, storyteller, humorist

On Musing and Laughter
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Four Archetypes:
Convene Your Inner Tribal Council
Let me introduce you to an interlocking system of archetypes that is both simple and profound:

Sovereign • Warrior • Magician • Lover

Experience the transformative power of archetypes in your professional and personal life.

• Tap into inexhaustible sources of energy and motivation
• Clarify and prioritize your best capacities
• Detect gaps and optimal growth areas
• Orient yourself during a transition
• Identify stabilizing forces in your personal and professional life
• Move forward with goals, equipped with new sources of motivation and insight
• Discover and overcome the blind spots connected with your professional brand
• Create an empowering ally system

Let this dynamic, comprehensive system of archetypes be your guide. Individual coaching and group seminars available — personal or professional focus.

Kelly Cresap, Ph.D.

Kelly says, "Musing and laughter are good for the soul."